Heath Candy Bars - 18 Pack

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 Heath Toffee Candy Bars

     The Heath bar is made of a crunchy toffee center and a fine layer of smooth milk chocolate. This is a thin hard bar that is sure to satisfy you with every sweet and crunchy bite you take.

Some Heath History:

     The story of this old-fashioned chocolate bar started in 1913 when L.S Heath, a teacher, decided to purchase an already existing confectionery
shop in Illinois. It is believed that Mr. Heath bought this store as an opportunity for his two oldest sons, Bayard and Everett Heath. The two brothers decided to open a combination of a candy store and an ice cream parlour with a small manufacturing operation.

     The business was a huge success, and the brothers started to expand their confection part of the business. Along the way, they acquired a delicious toffee recipe and began to market it locally as "Heath English Toffee." They proclaimed that this toffee was "America's Finest."

     In 1931, the toffee became a chocolate-covered treasure. Little did they know of the enormous accomplishment it would become.

     The Heath bar grew in popularity nationally, even during the time of the Depression. The U.S. Army placed an order of $175,000 for the bars because Heath bars have a very long shelf life, and they included them into the soldier's rations throughout World War II. 

     During the 1960s, the enormous popularity and success of the Heath Bar led to the infighting of the whole Heath family. One grandson Richard Heath was actually expelled from the business in 1969. He eventually wrote a book about the tragic events in 1995, called "Bittersweet: The Story Of The Heath Candy Company."

     In 1989, the breakup of the Heath Family Company caused the business to be sold to a Finnish company - Leaf, Inc (which was later acquired by Hershey in 1996). Despite all of the tumultuous turmoil of the Heath Company and the family, the Heath bar remains a well sought after, popular chocolate bar to this day!

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