Haribo Zing Sour Bites Gummi Candy - 12 Pack

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Haribo Sour Bites Gummy Candy

Get your taste buds zinging and whirring with Haribo Sour Bites Zing Gummy Candy. It's not just for the kids! We all need a taste bud explosion from time to time. Even though it's a share size, you don't have to share them! Keep them to yourself and enjoy a moment of delicious nostalgia.

Skip and jump into the happy world of Haribo with this delicious gummy candy. Sour Bites are made with the finest ingredients, so you can indulge every day. Sour Bites are always a favourite sour candy, so get these as a special treat for the family.

Haribo has been making exquisite since the 1920s.

4.5 oz Bag

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