Haribo Rotella - 120g

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Haribo Licorice Candy

Enjoy gummy texture with all the best of natural licorice flavour with these cute little bicycle wheels all the way from Germany. You can savour your treat for longer by unrolling each gummy or just devour it right away. Haribo is an iconic company in Europe, and today its delicious products are available in 100 countries around the globe.

Whether or not you?ve ever had the chance to enjoy Haribo Rotella in the past, these candies and their whimsical theme are sure to bring back memories of childhood. Haribo Rotella is a not to be missed treat for licorice and gummy candy lovers alike.

  • A fun and flavorful licorice product that you can eat in one bite or unroll and enjoy every inch along the way.
  • No artificial colours.
  • Made in Germany


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