Haribo Ginger Lemon Gummi Candy - 12 Pack

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Haribo Ginger Lemon Gummy Candy

Get ready to experience the unique and exotic taste of the Haribo Ginger Lemon Gummi Candy! 

Your tastebuds will be on overdrive as they taste the warm and spicy ginger and the refreshing sour lemon flavours.
Haribo Ginger Lemon Gummi Candies are made with real ginger and lemon concentrate so you get a very authentic taste of these distinctive flavours.
The Happy World of Haribo all started in Bonn, Germany in 1920, and has always been known for its superior tasting candies!
Indulge in this aromatic and flavoursome gummy candy with the Haribo Ginger-Lemon Gummi Candy!

Haribo Candy has been made since the 1920s.

  • Gluten-Free
  • Retro Candy

5 oz Bag