Good & Plenty Bulk Candy 5lbs - 1 Bag

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Licorice Candy from 1893!

Make the day extra "good" with "plenty" of deliciousness! The Good & Plenty Bulk Candy Bag is an old-fashioned candy that really never gets old!

Colorful and candy-coated in bright and vivid colors with a middle of chewy black licorice candy. Every bite of this candy will give you a taste of days gone by.
The perfect choice for any black licorice candy lover, Good & Plenty makes an excellent snack for any time of the day.
This bulk candy bag is just waiting for you to dig in! Pour some into a candy dish and watch as it disappears! 
Share with your family and friends, or keep it for your own personal candy stash!
Introduced in 1893, Good & Plenty has filled the mouths and hands of generations!
Savour one chewy bite at a time, or indulge with an entire mouthful; just be sure to have "plenty" on hand!
Make it a really "good" day with the Good & Plenty Bulk Candy Bag!