Fun Dip - Sour Candy 3 Flavours Pack 39.6g - 24 Pack

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Fun Dip - Sour Candy

A classic retro candy from the imagination room of Willy Wonka.

Your taste buds are waiting. Get dipping into Watermelon Whammo Dip, Strawberry Smackeroo Dip, and Tartastic Mystery Dip with the two candy dipping sticks included. Each package had four detachable pouches, meaning you can have one now and save the rest of your treat for later. Fun Dip - Sour Candy is sourlicious to the extreme.

This pack of 24 Fun Dip means you and your family will have hours of sour sensations for days to come. As if tempting strawberry and mouth-watering watermelon weren't enough, there's a mystery dip flavour, as well. Which Fun Dip flavor will be your favourite? You'll have plenty of time to experiment and decide.

40.5 g Pack