Fruity Pebbles White Chocolate Bar 2.75oz - 18 Pack

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It's Yabba-Dabba-Delicious!

     Fruity Pebbles has been making people smile for decades with their tasty, wholesome, fruity cereal that's a part of a classic American breakfast. Now you can enjoy that same great taste, just replacing the milk with chocolate!

     Creamy white chocolate envelops tons of fruit flavoured cereal pieces in every delicious chocolate bar. Let the chocolate melt on your tongue to reveal tons of Fruity Pebbles bits or just dig in and enjoy the crunch mixed with the cream!

     It's king size makes this treat perfect for sharing too! What better way to make your loved one's yabba-dabba-day.

2.75oz / 78g | 1 king-sized bar