Dums Color Party Black Black Cherry Lollipops 75 CT - 4 Pack

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Black Lollipops for any candy table!

Savour the sophisticated taste with the Dum Dums Color Party Black Black Cherry Lollipops. These lollipops come in a sleek-looking black wrapper with red lollipops. The flavour is black cherry. It's a tangy and sweet taste that will abundantly satisfy any candy lover around!

Spread the deliciousness and incorporate these lollipops at your next event. These make an excellent addition to a Candy Buffet or a Candy table. You could also use them as party favours for a very sweet thank you to your guests!
Perfect for birthday parties, weddings, and showers. These black lollipops will certainly make a statement at any event!
Experience the delectable and deep taste of black cherry with the Dum Dums Color Party Black Black Cherry Lollipops!
75 CT | 4 Pack