Dum Dums Color Party Yellow Cream Soda Lollipops 75 CT - 4 Pack

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Yellow Lollipops for any candy table!

Indulge in the warm and sunny taste of yellow with the Dum Dums Color Party Yellow Cream Soda Lollipops! These old-fashioned lollipops have been sweetly savoured since 1924. Made with intense flavors and available in a variety of colors.

This delicious lollipop is bursting with the revitalizing taste of yellow cream soda. Coming in a shade of yellow, it's perfect for any yellow-themed party.
These tasty lollipops are excellent to add to a candy table or to use as party favors. Great for birthday parties, weddings, showers and more.
Why not spread the sweetness? Share in the satisfying taste and bring some to work for your coworkers or clients.
Taste the sunshine with the Dum Dums Color Party Yellow Cream Soda Lollipops!

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