Dum Dums Color Party Light Blue Blu Raspberry Lollipops 75 CT - 4 Pack

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Blue lollipops for any candy table!

Experience blue like never before with the Dum Dums Color Party Light Blue Blu Raspberry.

These lollipops come in a light shade of blue and are infused with the tangy and sweet taste of raspberry.
Add these to a candy buffet or candy table at any blue-themed events. Great for a boy's birthday party, an "it's a boy" shower or a gender reveal party.
These could also be used for a blue-themed corporate event. Why not brighten up the day at work and share them with staff and co-workers or offer them to your clients?
Dum Dums Lollipops have been in the hungry grasp of many since 1924! An old-fashioned candy that remains a favourite lollipop to this very day!
Dive into the fresh taste of blue with the Dum Dums Color Party Blue Blu Raspberry Lollipops!
75 CT - 4 Pack