Dubble Bubble Twist Bubble Gum - 420 Pieces Plus

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Classic Retro Bubble Gum Since 1928

Upon unwrapping Dubble Bubble Twist Bubble Gum the fragrant smell and promise of sweet bubbles will be all yours! Bask in all of it's soft and delicious chewiness, with this large package of 420 pieces! The Dubble Bubble Twist Bubble Gum comes in four delicious flavours, Original, Apple, Grape and Watermelon. It's long-lasting flavour and supreme chewiness makes it extra fun to share! A great choice to add to a candy buffet, a birthday party, or even to keep on your desk for clients! This old fashioned Bubble Gum was invented in 1928, it's a classic bubblegum that continues to be loved by all generations. The world is always changing but one thing we can always count on is the sweet, juicy and luscious taste of Dubble Bubble!
  • Peanut Free

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