DAVID Original Sunflower Seeds - 1.75oz

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Delicious Seeds, Expertly Made

     For an authentic and homegrown taste, DAVID Original Sunflower Seeds certainly deliver. Experience the delicious flavour and satisfying bite that's in each handful of these yummy sunflower seeds.

     DAVID believes that for the best taste, salting and roasting the seeds bring out all the flavour you need to enjoy each mouthful thoroughly. If you're looking for a healthy yet still tasty snack, there's no need to search any further!

  • Whole Roasted Seeds
  • No Certified Synthetic Colours or Artificial Flavours
  • Roasted & Seasoned in the USA
Try all of the amazing DAVID Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed flavours!

1.75oz / 50g | 1 pack

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