Curly Wurly - 48 Pack

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Curly Wurly was a Wig Wag. True. 

Many have asked, "What is a Curly Wurly"?

Well, the Curly Wurly is a braided, soft and chewy caramel covered in a thin layer of rich Cadbury chocolate. This sounds simple but it is divinely exquisite! Curly Wurly is eight inches of sweet, stretchy strands of caramel paired with bits of chocolate.                                                                    

Every bite of Curly Wurly is perfect!

The Curly Wurly used to be known as "Wig Wag Chocolate Bar" in Canada, and "Marathon Bar" in the US. There was also a German version of this bar called "3 Musketeers" and the Dutch called it "Leckerschmecker".
This delicious bar was designed by John Parfitt, a researcher at the Bournville Cadbury factory in the UK. While he was experimenting with some leftover toffee, the Curly Wurly was born!
Little did he know that the world would fall in love with his experiment!
The Curly Wurly chocolate bar made its debut in 1970, and although it's been called many different names, one thing remains, it is simply delicious!
"Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly! A swirly ladder of golden caramel, draped in Cadbury chocolate – everyone’s favourite twisty treat."
  • Made in the UK
  • Gluten-Free

 26g Bar | 48 Count Box