Choward's Mints Spearmint 3oz - 12 Pack

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Old Fashioned Candy from the 1930s

Specially made for your cool customers! The Choward's Mints Spearmint is a mint candy that is vibrantly cool tasting with the revitalizing taste of peppermint.

This old-fashioned candy has been a favourite for generations. Your customers will be thrilled to see this classic mint in your store.
A favourite since 1934, Choward's Candy is famous for its gum, hard candy and mints. Taking candy to a whole new level of intense flavours.
These icy candy mints would be a perfect addition to your chewing gum and mint section. A highly popular candy that will have your customers back for more!
Be refreshed with the cool sensation of Choward's Mints Spearmint!
3oz. Candy Bags | 12 Count Box

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