Choward's Mints Peppermint 3oz - 12 Pack

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Old Fashioned Candy from the 1930s

Revitalize your customers with the Chowards Mints Peppermints!?This classic mint is bursting with the cooling sensation of peppermint.?

Your customers will be feeling completely?refreshed with these zippy mints!
Chowards is an old-fashioned candy that made its sweet debut in 1934. The makers of gum, mints and hard candy. Chowards is known?for its high-quality products that are always made with incredible flavours and freshness.
These candy mints are a must-have to add to your gum and mint section. A great product to showcase at the front?of your store with a knack for being an impulse buy.
Make your store the coolest on the block with the classic taste of Chowards Mints Peppermint!
3oz. Candy Bags | 12 Count Box