Cherry Mash 2.05oz - 24 Pack

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Cherry Mash has been loved since 1918!

This old-fashioned candy has been thrilling our tastebuds for generations! Take a bite at the cherry for yourself with the delicious taste of the Cherry Mash!

Sink your teeth into an outside layer of chocolate, complete with chopped-up peanuts with a luscious-tasting middle of a maraschino cherry-flavoured fondant filling.
This makes a delectable combination that is filled with creamy and smooth textures along with a delightful crunch of the peanuts.
The Cherry Mash is made using real maraschino cherries and is doubly coated, ensuring that the chocolatey finish leaves nothing uncovered!
Loved since its sweet debut in 1918, there is a taste of pure deliciousness in every luscious bite!
Give yourself a cherry on top with the delectable, old-fashioned candy taste of the Cherry Mash!
2.05oz.Packs | 24 Count Box