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Charleston Chew-Chocolate-by Tootsie Roll

Retro Candy

One bite of this classic candy bar and you'll feel like a sassy flapper, dancing the Charleston! A delightful candy bar consisting of a chewy vanilla, chocolate or strawberry nougat in a delicious smooth, chocolaty coating. This old fashioned candy bar came to be in 1922, and was originally made by the Fox-Cross Candy Company, which are now made by Tootsie Roll Industries.
This candy bar was named after the most popular dance craze at the time the "Charleston".
Some people who are lovers of this nostalgic treat enjoy freezing it and then smacking into bite sized frozen pieces.
The Charleston Chew has also become famous in pop culture, impressive for a 1922 candy!
Most frequently it is mentioned in the popular animated series "Futurama" referred to as the favorite snack of Richard Nixon's head. Bart Simpson from the "Simpsons" also mentions it, as Bart suggests a candy for Lisa she then sarcastically replies "What is this the Brooklyn in the 50's?"
Eminem even sings about Charleston Chew in Dr.Dre's 2001 album, "Chronic" in a song called "Forget about Dre".
There is also a song called "Charleston Chew" from the 2014 album called "Gorgeous" by the American rock band called "Don't Stop Or We'll Die".
From the roaring twenties to today, The Charleston Chew makes for a tasty Retro Candy treat! So go ahead, get your mouth chewing and your lips flapping!
2 oz American Chocolate Bar/24 COUNT CASE

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