CCC Cherry Rings Gummies 2.5kg - 1 Bag

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Tastes like freshly picked gummies!

Make it a cherry on top kind of day with the delicious taste of the CCC Cherry Rings Gummies!

This bulk candy offers the bold and tangy taste of fresh cherries with a hint of creamy whipped cream. This gummy candy comes in the round shape of a ring and is finished with a coating of sanded sugar.
Use this bulk candy at your next birthday party, baby shower or wedding in a candy buffet. Your party will be a hit among your guests, and they'll have nothing but thanks for your yummy, gummy candy treats!
This Canadian candy will feed a crowd, and being that it's certified Halal and Kosher, it will capture the tastebuds of many!
You won't have to "cherry pick" your candy with these gummies! Have an incredible-tasting bite at the cherry with the CCC Cherry Rings Gummies!