Care Bears Gummie Bears Theatre Box 3.1oz - 12 Pack

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Do these gummy bears even care?

Are you on an emotional rollercoaster? These Care Bears Gummie Bears Theatre Box will make sure you have the attitude of the Cheer Bear.

With this gummy candy, you won't ever be like Grumpy Bear! Its smiles all around with these cute and delicious tasting Care Bear Gummies!
Featuring some loveable Care Bears on the front of the box and is filled with a yummy variety of fruity flavors!
Chew your way through many flavors of delicious gummies and experience a delightful candy journey with our sweet friends!
You'll feel like Funshine Bear with this candy, and you might even be moved to feel like Share Bear!
It's a barrel of fun! Can you "bear" the deliciousness? Find out with the Care Bears Gummies Bears Theatre Box!
3.01oz, Boxes | 12 Count Pack