Candy Sidewalk Chalk Bubble Gum 2.5oz - 12 Pack

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Bubble Gum you can play with!

The writings are on the wall or on the sidewalk! The Candy Sidewalk Chalk Bubble Gum is a sweet treat that your customers will love!

Taste the amusement?with these chalk-shaped bubblegum sticks. But before you eat all that juicy-tasting bubble gum, write on the nearest?sidewalk!
This novelty candy is double the fun, with bubblegum serving as chalk! An innovative bubblegum that your customers will be highly entertained?with.
Add this to your bubblegum section or display it at the front of your store. Unleash?your creativity?and bubblegum cravings with this dually fun and flavourful treat!
Capture the fun at your store with the Candy Sidewalk Chalk Bubble Gum!
2.5oz. Packs | 12 Count Box

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