Butterfinger Candy Bars - 36 Pack

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Nestle Butterfinger Milk Chocolate Candy Bars

"Crispy, crunchety, peanut buttery"

The Butterfinger bar was invented by Otto Schering in 1922. This definitely makes the Butterfinger an old fashioned candy favourite. The Curtiss Candy Company had a very interesting way of naming this bar! They actually did this by holding a contest for naming this bar, by dropping them out of airplanes all across the United States! The winner was a self-proclaimed klutz who had a habit of dropping things. Thus the name Butterfinger had won!
The Butterfinger Bar also introduced to us the characters that would eventually become "The Simpsons". As we know The Butterfinger bar is Bart Simpson's favourite food group, as he professes his love for these bars with his well-known words "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger". After eating one of these delicious candy bars, you will be exclaiming Bart Simpson's very words!
1.9 oz Chocolate Bars