Bubblicious Gum Watermelon 40g - 18 Pack

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5 big pieces of watermelon flavoured bubble gum.

You don't have to wait for Summertime to enjoy the delicious taste of watermelon. The taste can be yours through every season with Bubbalicious Watermelon Bubble Gum! A retro Bubblegum that will have you blissfully reminiscing about the good old days. Bubbalicious Bubble Gum came out in 1977 and we guarantee that there are still remnants of pink bubble gum wads stuck on the underside of old school desks and restaurant counters! Enjoy some luscious bubble gum with the yummy taste of Bubbalicious Watermelon Bubble Gum!
Delicious, and so luscious
Bubbalicious you're the one.
You make my mouth water,
your bubbles are so fun!
With a texture that's so chewy,
you never do turn gooey.
My bubbles can't be stopped,
until I choose them to be popped!
My Bubbalicious friend,
I'll chew you till the end.
5 Pieces per Pack 


Sugar, corn syrup, gum base, less than 2% of: acesulfame potassium, adipic acid, artificial and natural flavouring, aspartame, BHT (to maintain freshness), citric acid, cottonseed oil, glycerin, red 40 lake, soy lecithin and sucralose.

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