Bonomo Turkish Taffy Chocolate 1.5oz - 24 Pack

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Bonomo Chocolate Turkish Taffy Candy Bars

Old Fashioned Candy

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Chocolate is delicious old-time candy that you will from when you were a kid. Bonomo Turkish Taffy was first made in 1949, and by the 1960's it was the number one selling candy all across North America! We loved to Smack it and crack it on the sidewalk. And this delicious taffy seems to last forever.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Chocolate was sadly discontinued in 1989, as the company changed hands, but then a surprising turn of events in 2003! A press release stated its triumphant return to the Retro Candy world! Candy lovers will delight! Kids-this will be your new favourite Nostalgic Candy!

Bonomo Turkish Taffy flavours include Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Banana.

Smack it, crack it... Oh yeah!


1.5 oz Taffy Bar