Big League Chew Baseball 15g - 12 Pack

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Retro Bubble Gum Since the 1980s

The Big League Chew Bubble Gum Baseball is definitely a home run! Taste the Big Leagues with this baseball-shaped container of fresh bubble gum gumballs. Take to your next baseball game and share with family and friends or add as a party favour for a themed celebration. Each baseball includes 3 gumballs, a tattoo and a sticker.

  • Includes tattoos and stickers

History of Big League Chew Gum

Big League Chew was invented by Rob Nelson, a pitcher for the Portland Mavericks. He wanted a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco. Believe it or not, Rob says the idea came to him in less than 60 seconds! He was in the bullpen while he came up with this idea. Big League Chew Wild Pitch Watermelon has been around for over thirty years, the novelty never seems to wear off. Big League Chew Wild Pitch Watermelon is a shredded texture of soft, sugary bubble gum goodness! Eat it by the hand fulls, stuff your cheeks, you won't have to spit this out!

Big League Chew-A Poem

Shredded in your pouch.
Thought of in a bullpen
So smooth in my mouth.
Chomped on by the big leagues,
The baseball fans too.
Instead of that tobacco,
Give this gum a chew!