Bazooka Throwback Original Bubble Gum Wallet

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Throwback Bubble Gum Fun!

10 Piece Pack

Remember the Bazooka Gum of your childhood? You know, the one in red, white, and blue packaging? That’s exactly what you’ll get here. And not just one pack. Nope, you’ll get 12 packs of classic Bazooka Throwback Gum in this box.

These mouth-watering pieces of pink gum come with classic Bazooka comics. This Throwback edition of Bazooka offers this feature for the first time in quite a while. Get nostalgic with Bazooka Bubble Gum, a gum that first hit the market just after World War II by Topps Company. Topps, located in Brooklyn, New York, decided to package Bazooka Bubble Gum in the patriotic American colours of red, white, and blue.

  • Includes Classic Comics


Sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, natural and artificial flavours, glycerine, citric acid, titanium dioxide, BHT (preservative), red 40 lake, red 40. May contain soy.

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