Baby Ruth Candy Bars - 24 Pack

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American Chocolate Bars

An Old Fashioned Candy Favourite!

The Baby Ruth is an old fashioned chocolate bar. It's been enjoyed since 1921!  With its chewy chocolate flavoured nougat center, covered in caramel and crunchy peanuts, then coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate. It is among the most well-loved and most popular American Chocolate Bars today.
With such a famous name one would assume that it was named after the highly acclaimed baseball player, Babe Ruth. However, the Curtiss Candy Company (the maker of the Baby Ruth) denies such rumours. The company insists that it's named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth Cleveland. With all this controversy over a name, you might ask "what is in a name?". Well if it's a Baby Ruth candy bar, then you know it's delicious!
Baby Ruth is one of the most famous Nestle Chocolate Bars.
  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher Certified Dairy
  • 4 Grams of Protein per Piece
2.1 oz Chocolate Bars


Sugar, roasted peanuts, corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel and coconut oil, nonfat milk, high fructose corn syrup, cocoa, less than 1% of glycerin, dextrose, whey, salt, artificial and natural flavours, soy lecithin, soybean oil, carrageenan, TBHQ and citric acid (to preserve freshness), lactic acid esters.

Ingredients and nutritional information provided by the manufacturer and considered accurate at the time of posting. Refer to product labelling or contact the manufacturer directly for current data.

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