Anastasia Key Lime Coconut Patties 70g - 20 Pack

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Taste the tropics 

Have a taste of paradise with Anastasia Key Lime Coconut Patties. These delectable-tasting chocolate-covered patties are brimming with a taste of the warm tropics!

As you imagine reclining under a palm tree on a warm and sandy beach. You'll taste a chewy middle of shredded coconut and a hint of zesty lime made with real lime oil.
Wrapped up in a layer of bold-tasting dark chocolate, which is perfection against the sweet coconut.
This American snack is chewy, flavourful and filled with that sweet satisfaction you crave!
Get your shades on, dream of paradise and indulge in the Anastasia Key Lime Coconut Patties!
70g Packs | 20 Count Box