Allan Ju Jubes-2.5 kg - 1 Bag

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Allan Ju Jubes Bulk Candy

A fun and flavourful bulk candy that everyone loves to indulge in! The Allan Ju Jubes Candy, we're proud to say is a Canadian Candy! Chewy, luscious and sweet, Allan Ju Jubes are colourful and fun to eat! Make your next Candy Buffet even brighter with these on the candy table, add them to a Birthday Party, Corporate Event, or Shower. A retro candy that is is bursting with lots of chewy and delicious flavour!

*Fun Fact* 
Did you know that our beloved Ju Jubes candy gets its cool name from a fruit tree! The full name of this sweet tree is called the Ziziphus jujuba. Native to China but also grown in the subtropics. This fruit is said to taste like a mild and sweet apple. We like apples but not as much as Ju Jubes! Money might not grow on trees, but Ju Jubes do!

Classic Canadian Candy for Candy Bars and Corporate Events

2.5 kg 

In Canada Candy is Sweet and you are what you eat.

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