Albanese Candy - Blue Gummi Sharks - 5lbs - 1 Bag

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Swim with these gummy sharks candy!

Dive into the sweetest underwater adventure with Albanese Blue Gummi Sharks! These Albanese gummy candy sensations are the ultimate treat for all gummy candy enthusiasts. With a whopping 5 pounds of bulk candy goodness, you'll have enough gummy sharks candy to last a lifetime... or maybe just a really epic movie night!

These chewy, flavorful gummy sharks will have your taste buds doing a happy dance. Each bite is a splash of fruity fun with the yummy gummy flavors of Cherry, Lemon-Lime and Blue Raspberry. Their vibrant blue color makes them as visually appealing as they are delicious. So, why wait? Grab a handful of Albanese Blue Gummi Sharks and let the candy ocean of joy wash over you!

  • American Candy

Albanese Candy is a leading gummy candy brand.


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