Top 10 Candies We Love To Hate

Top 10 Candies We Love to Hate

i want candy...but not all of them!

We all have different tastes. Some say that's what makes the world go round. But as humans, our tongues can only perceive five basic tastes. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savoury.
When it comes to candy we either have an immense love or hate of some of it. Yes, some will never discriminate against any of them. Others are particularly picky when it comes to the sweet stuff.  
We've compiled a list of the top 10 candies we love to hate!

1.Candy Corn

Candy Corn Sweet Talk Blog Online Candy Store Canada

This has to be the most popular candy to hate! It's a unique tasting candy that does kind of resemble orange rotting teeth. But hey, looks aren't everything! Candy Corn can be absolutely cringe-inducing for some, while others will search desperately for Candy Corn long after Halloween is over. Believe it or not, there is actually a National Candy Corn Day on Oct.30. Very fitting for this candy since it's usually considered to be a Halloween treat. Candy Corn is an old fashioned candy that has been around since the 1880s! Candy Corn was originally meant to resemble chicken feed but its new owners at the Jelly Belly Candy Company must have decided it looked more like corn. Whether you toss it out from your Halloween haul or use it to decorate cupcakes and cookies, it most definitely has stood the test of time! 

2. Big Turk  

Big Turk Sweet Talk Blog Online Candy Store Canada

Big Turk is a classic Canadian chocolate bar. Very much loved but also despised. I could never understand this personally as I've always been a big fan. I remember my very first taste of a Big Turk Chocolate bar, and I was smitten! Not only did it taste delicious, but it was also so pretty, with its magenta coloured gummy like textured middle,( that sort of tastes like red licorice, or Allan's Big Foot candy) then smothered in a layer of milk chocolate. What's not to like? Although given its name, I believe it's supposed to taste like Turkish Delight. It does have a faint taste of rosewater, but not as much as an authentic piece of Turkish Delight would. Big Turk could be considered an acquired taste, but it's a refreshing change from the usual chocolate bars. You're in good company if you love Big Turk bars, as Danko Jones, a Canadian rock star who proclaims " I Love Big Turk And I Cannot Lie".  

3. Wax Lips

Wack-O-Wax Lips Retro Candy

Well, they are fun to play with, and perfect for funny pictures, but to really eat them? Some might find these revolting, but if you can get over the wax texture they actually do have some good cherry flavour to them. Wack-O-Wax, oversized, big red lips have been around since the 1940s. "Play with them now, or eat them later", they are a novelty retro candy. A great gag gift and some would say a great tasting candy! In any case, they are a fun old fashioned candy and almost always guaranteed to get a laugh, especially if you want to be the life of the party! But then again, you are chewing on a wad of wax,
although tasty!

4.Toxic Waste Candy

Toxic Waste Candy Sweet Talk Blog

Proceed with caution! Unless you are a sour candy lover, these will not be enjoyable to you. Toxic Waste candy has a certain way of making your face feel like it's actually imploding! Yes, it's that sour, especially for the first 30 seconds or so, then it gradually fades into a pleasant, more acceptable, sweet candy. Recently it has become quite popular to do the Toxic Waste Challenge, which consists of eating more than just one of these at a time. If you've ever tried just one of these bad boys, you know that ONE is enough! However, they do say that being adventurous is one of the traits of people who love to eat sour candy.  No thanks, I think I'll pass on that one. How about you, are you adventurous or brave enough to do the Toxic Waste challenge? Let us know! 

5. Marshmallow Bananas

Marshmallow Bananas Candy Sweet Talk Blog

Some people really go "banana's" over this candy! It's an old fashion candy that has quite a large following. The fans of these Marshmallow Bananas say they are a must-try, especially if you love the taste of bananas. The marshmallow texture of this candy is not as soft and squishy as a typical marshmallow. These are a little more firm. Chew them a little and they will melt in your mouth while dissipating an intense, rich, very sweet banana flavour. Well, call me boring but I'd much rather peel my banana! What about you? Are you a fan of Marshmallow Bananas?

6.Salted Black Licorice

Salted Black Licorice Sweet Talk Blog

Salted Black Licorice is a staple to many, especially loved in the Nordic countries. When they say "salted" they are not kidding one bit. Usually, this black licorice is flavoured with ammonium chloride, which tastes even saltier than regular table salt. Salted Black Licorice is so well-loved it is not only found in licorice form but also vodka, chocolate, ice cream and colas. It's also a very popular taste for cough drops. If you're not a fan of black licorice in the first place, this licorice would definitely be an extreme, doubly, yucky experience! Being a licorice lover myself, I just could not find anything pleasing in this salted black licorice. What about you? Is it one of your favourites?

7. Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons Sweet Talk Blog

A tiny dot of candy made to resemble buttons that come stuck on a paper sheet. Yes, they do look kind of cute, and they are sort of fun to try to stick them on yourself or others. Candy Buttons can be a great decorative element for cakes and cupcakes. But they are just so minuscule, almost microscopic, you must eat sheets and sheets of them to feel like you've eaten any at all!  However, they are a popular choice for some, considering there are over 750 million Candy Buttons made every year. We know someone is eating them. Is it you? Candy Buttons are a classic retro candy. Love them or hate them, you'll never ruin your appetite with these tiny candies!

8. Thrills Gum  

Thrills Gum Sweet Talk Blog

Thrills is a Canadian old fashion gum. It's purple, which does make it look cool, and it is widely known as the gum that tastes like soap. It is even used as a slogan on the package, proudly stating "it still tastes like soap". They say the reason for this is the added flavouring of rosewater. However, I don't think that rosewater tastes like soap in any remote way. In any case, soapy tasting or not, Thrills Gum will leave an impression. It is an unforgettable, unique taste that you will either love or hate! 

9. Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled

If you feel the need to taste jelly beans that taste like vomit, rotten eggs or dog food, then you might just love these Bean Boozled Jelly Beans. Jelly Belly sure left our heads spinning with these nasty jelly beans, not to mention our stomachs! A candy that you will never. ever forget trying, although you might regret it! The package of Bean Boozled comes with similar coloured Jelly Beans that could either go one of two ways. For example, a brown jelly bean could either be chocolate pudding flavour, or dog food flavour. It's a game, a gamble, kind of like Russian roulette with candy.  You just never know which one you'll be biting into! Bean Boozled also comes with a spinner game, so you can play this game of chance with all your friends and family! Have your camera ready. You'll see some very funny, entertaining faces! Also, make sure you have a cup of water and something to spit into to. Seriously consider yourself warned! Would you ever dare to try the Bean Boozled Challenge?

10. Cherry Blossom Candy  

Cherry Blossom Candy

A very old fashioned Canadian chocolate treat. This could be your Grandmother's favourite chocolate of all time, but it certainly might not be yours!  Cherry Blossom Candy is a whole maraschino cherry that is completely covered in milk chocolate, coconut and roasted peanuts. A Cherry Blossom Candy either has the exact taste and texture you want or completely gross you out. They do ooze a bit when you eat them. You'll have to watch out for that cherry syrup. It will drip down your chin, maybe on your lap if you're not careful! But people say that's the fun and enjoyment of eating them, the complete sweet mess of the Cherry Blossom! They do come in individual cute little yellow boxes and they are wrapped in foil. making you feel like they are very exclusive! Love them or hate them, Cherry Blossom Candy has been enjoyed for over 50 years and the recipe has never changed. Cherry Blossom is a messy retro candy treat, but are they really deliciously irresistible? 
When we're not busy eating candy, we get a little curious here at Candy District. Tell us which candies you love to hate. Did we miss any that should've made the list? 

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Dexter Sugarman

I love all the candy on this list! I must be weird…

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