Sour Power: Our Puckering Favourite Sour Candies-Top Ten Sour Candies

Sour Power: Our Puckering Favourite Sour Candies

Sour Power-Our Puckering Favourite Sour Candies-Top Ten Sour Candies
You will tear up just reading about our most sour candies. Pucker up
those lips, let your tongue twinge and your face cringe! At Candy
District we've got the most vicious delicious sourest candy you've
ever tasted! Get ready to devour, we give you sour power!

Here are the Top Ten Sour Candies we love:

10. Red Band Jumbo Sour Suckers

Red Band Jumbo Sour Suckers Candy-Gummy Candies
A Sour Gummy Candy that also goes by the name "sour keys".
These Red Band Sour Soothers are a chewy, fruity tasting candy.
They are the perfect balance of sour. Covered in granules of sugar
just to even out that sour sting! Whatever you call them, Sour Soothers or Sour Keys, they are a must try retro sour candy!

9. AirHeads Extremes

Airheads Candy Extremes-Sour Candies-Sweet Talk Blog
A perfectly fruity and sour balance of flavors.
Air Head Extremes are a long and chewy belt, made with a multitude of
pretty colours, and sprinkled with sugar granules. But don't let all
the vivid colours fool you, these Air Head Extremes do pack a punch of
sour, but end with a fruity sweet taste.

8. Sour Razzles

Razzles Sour Candy-Bubble Gum-Retro Candies
"First it's a candy,then it's a gum" you think it's
all sweet, but there's sour to come! These Sour Razzles are
puckeringly sour, and very tangy. As they break apart and start to
turn into gum, the sourness really seems to stand out. There are five
flavors in the bag, lime, cherry, orange, blue raspberry and lemon. The
lemon flavour being the most sour.

7. Lemon-Head Candy

Lemon-Head Sour Candy-Sweet Talk Blog
One of the greatest sour candies of all times! Lemon-Head Candy
are a retro sour candy and have been tantalizing our taste buds
with their vibrant lemon taste since 1962! Made by the Ferrara Candy
Company, Lemon-Head Candy are a hard, round yellow candy that start off with
a hint of sweetness then quickly turns into a sour tart lemon flavor.
Lemon-Head Candy will provide you with a long lasting sourness as they are
similar to a jawbreaker type candy. Lemon-Head Candy are made with real
lemon juice and will give you that authentic sour, long lasting, lemon flavoor.
Forget about "ending on a sweet note". Lemon-Head Candy end on nothing but sour!

6. Sour Patch Kids

Maynards Sour Patch Kids-Canadian Candy
Their slogan says it all, "Sour, sweet, gone"!
Sour Patch Kids are a sour, chewy, sugar coated candy. They start off
with a sour kick right away but then get sweeter as you chew them.
Don't let the fresh fruity smell, or their name fool you, Sour Patch
Kids pack a real punch of sourness in every bite. Because the sourness
is short lived you can't wait to eat another one, this makes them even
more addicting! The combination of their full fruity flavor and
sourness makes them a top sour candy choice.

5. Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles-Sour Candy


These bite size, bold and bright Skittles are packed
full of fruit flavor and sourness. You will definitely be tasting the
"sour rainbow" with these! Sour strawberry, sour green apple, sour
orange and sour grape. Sour Skittles are  a whole serving of
fruitiness and sourness! Upon first eating these sour candies your mouth is greeted
with an extremely thick sour coating. Once that wears off you are left
with the remnants of sour but rewarded with that sweet Skittle taste
you love. Sour Skittles are a  great mix of sweet and sour candy!

4. Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs-Sourest Candy

These used to be called "tearjerkers" and for good reason.
Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs
are so super sour you really might shed a tear when chewing them!
The brightly coloured shell on these gumballs
is where all that intense sourness comes from.
After chewing Cry Baby's for about 40 seconds the sourness
dissipates and you are left with a sweet and fruity tasting bubble gum.
If you're a real sour candy lover you'll be crying tears of joy!

3. Zours Candy

Zours Sour Candy-Sweet Talk Blog

Zours Sour Candy are the most sour candy flavour in the
Mike and Ike candy line. Similar to the size and shape of the regular
Mike and Ike's candy but with a real punch of sourness.  Zours are
flavourful and tangy and perfectly chewy! If you like a little "zing"
to your sourness, these Zours are sure to deliver!

2. WarHeads Candy

Warhead Candy-Sour Candies
As the slogan says "dare to be sour" !
They are not kidding when they say this! It's amazing that these tiny candies can
give your mouth such an intense rush of sourness. If you've never
tried Sour WarHeads Candy, I promise that you will be stunned by their extreme
sour candy taste. The sourness is almost unbearable but if you can stand the
sting of sourness for 20 to 50 seconds the sweetness will emerge!
WarHeads Candy are most definitely one of the most sour
candy in the world. If you think you like sour candy, go ahead and try one.
We dare you!

1.Toxic Waste Candy 

Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy
When Toxic Waste is described as a "hazardously" sour candy,
they are not exaggerating! If you're a die hard sour candy lover or
even a sour candy newbie,  you will hit the sour jackpot with Toxic
Waste Candy. Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy are so sour
some people consider them a novelty candy, others their most favorite.
You will experience a new level of sour torture as you first put the candy in your mouth.
If you can bare not to spit it out, after about 20 seconds the sourness will fade and
you will be left with a sweeter taste, but wait, not for long! There
is a second wave of sourness in the center of the candy but not as
strong as the first slap of sour taste at the start. Toxic Waste Candy has
been called the most sour candy in the world and if want intense and
extreme sour candy, this is our top pick! Yes, these are beyond sour but as
any sour candy lover knows, they "hurt so good"!
Happy Puckering Sweeties!



i love war heads


Toxic Waste is the most sour candy I’ve ever tasted! It made me cry…like a baby.

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