Bonomo Turkish Taffy Old Fashioned Candy

Smack that Bonomo Turkish Taffy!

Bonomo Turkish Taffy-Candy of the Day

National Candy Day: June 23, 2017

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Old Fashioned Candy

Some of us smack it, some of us freeze it and crack it. How ever you eat it, Bonomo Turkish Taffy is a very nostalgic old fashion candy! Bonomo Turkish Taffy first came out in 1949, and by the 1960's it had become a number one seller! Candy Lovers from days gone by will delight in this Turkish Taffy!

Bonomo Turkish Taffy is a long lasting Old Fashioned Candy

Many people say that the allure of Bonomo Turkish Taffy is how long the flavour lasts. With other candy snacks, you could wolf them down in 30 seconds flat, but with Bonomo Turkish Taffy, it's a whole different story. To eat a whole delicious bar of Bonomo Turkish taffy it could take you 30 minutes or a good hour, depending on the state of your teeth! Bonomo Turkish Taffy was also marketed as being an interactive 
candy. "Crack It Up" as the label says, is like an invitation to play with your food. A six year old would find this fascinating and a Baby Boomer would fondly remember his childhood.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy is now back, forever!

In 1989, Bonomo Turkish Taffy was discontinued , this was very upsetting for it's fans and in 2003, Bonomo Turkish Taffy set up a website for the return of this Taffy and announced that they were taking advance orders. Finally in 2010, the world became reunited again with it's beloved Bonomo Turlish Taffy! What other retro candy could come back from the dead like that?

Sweet Summertime Flavours

Bonomo Turkish Taffy comes in four flavours, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana, all the most.perfect summer flavours! 

Get your Bonomo Turkish Taffy Here!

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