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Salt Water Taffy is Sweet!

Salt Water Taffy-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month-June 21, 2017

Salt Water Taffy-Old Fashioned Candy-National Candy

Yes, by far the most perfect summer candy! Most fitting for our National Candy Month list! What old fashioned candy feels more like summer than Salt Water Taffy? The perfect candy to bring on those long summer car rides. Great for enjoying while you're sitting on the beach, or taking a stroll in the sand.

Old Fashioned Candy for 125 Years!

Salt Water Taffy simply takes you back in time. You'll be tasting some of your most nostalgic childhood memories with Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy!

Candy lovers first fell in love with Salt Water Taffy some time ago, early in the 1880's. We've been eating it for over 125 years! Most famous for it's perfectly chewy, stretchy texture. Not to mention the sweet look of this stuff, some of the prettiest shades ever of pastel colours, Well, unless your eating the black licorice flavor! 

Salt Water Taffy has a Stormy Story

Despite Salt Water Taffy's name, there is no salt water in this taffy. It it was originally produced in Atlantic City, New Jersey. David Bradley who ran a candy store had a terrible flood after a huge storm and his entire stock of taffy became drenched. A little girl wandered in and asked him if he had any taffy for sale, he replied "you mean salt water taffy".David's mother heard him say "salt water taffy" and exclaimed to her son that "salt water taffy" was a perfect name for this taffy.The name has certainly stuck and is still one of the most popular, well known old fashion candies today. Taffy Town has some of the best Salt Water Taffy around, soft and chewy morsels of  pure happiness!

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