NECCO Wafers America's Iconic Candy

NECCO Wafers-America's Iconic Candy

NECCO Wafers-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 29, 2017

NECCO Wafers-Old Fashioned Candy

 NECCO Wafers are Old Fashioned Candy from 1847

A sweet and classic old fashioned candy and delightfully delicious. A pack of NECCO Wafers are a perfect companion during National Candy Month. Easy to keep in your pocket and share with your best friend on a nice breezy summer's eve walk. NECCO Wafers have been around since 1847. They were invented by Oliver Chase, who also came up with a special machine that could cut candy into lozenge like shapes. The wafers used to be called "hub wafers" before they were NECCO Wafers. It wasn't until 1901 that they became known as NECCO Wafers. NECCO stands for New England Confectionery Company and is the oldest candy company in the USA!

Soldiers wanted their NECCO Wafers!

During World War two soldiers were given Necco Wafers for their rations, and NECCO says that this greatly increased the popularity of the candy. When all the soldiers returned home they wanted their Necco Wafers!

Candy Lovers wanted the original NECCO Wafers

The original flavours in NECCO Wafers are Lemon, Lime, Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Licorice and Chocolate. This was all fine and dandy for the fans of NECCO Wafers until in 2009. NECCO decided to change the flavours into all natural colours and flavours. This proved to be a  complete fail for NECCO! Sales plummeted and in 2011, much to the relief of NECCO Wafer fans, the company went back to the original flavours! 

NECCO Wafers are an old fashion candy, sweet and tasty, perfect for sharing!

Other iconic candies that NECCO makes are Sky Bar, Haviland Thin Mints, Slap Stix, Mary Jane, Mighty Malts, Clark Bar, Candy Buttons, Squirrel Nut Zippers and the awful Sweethearts!

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