June is National Candy Month

June is National Candy Month

Let's Celebrate National Candy Month

June is National Candy Month CandyDistrict.com Online Candy Store

At Candy District we celebrate candy everyday!  But if you need a more legitimate reason to indulge, June is National Candy Month, yes! 30 whole days of pure, unadulterated sweetness!
Although it's not clear why June is National Candy Month, we do know that just before June, Chicago is home to the Sweets And Snacks Expo. From May 23-25, over 17,000 candy and snack professionals from over 90 countries gathered! A very sweet kick off to National Candy Month. The Sweets And Snacks Expo is put on by the National Confectioners Association, and they take candy very seriously! 

Candy makes us happy.

Candy really is something to celebrate. Think about your greatest childhood memories. Those leisurely trips to the corner store where every cent you had went towards candy. Your Christmas stocking, Birthday Party Loot Bags, or those over flowing Easter baskets! Candy makes us happy, makes us remember those simpler days of being a kid. It can brighten up someone's day, even soothe a broken heart!

30 Day, 30 Candies, 30 Posts!

At Candy District we'll be posting about a sweet candy every day during June! After all it is National Candy Month, and we want you to celebrate with us!Candy lovers unite. Get ready to sink your teeth into 30 delicious candies for 30 days!
Remember, Candy is Sweet, and you are what you eat!
So from our Candy loving hearts to yours, Happy National Candy Month!
A candy a day, will keep the blues away...
Please be a Sweetie and leave a comment. What's your favourite candy?

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