Nestle Kit Kat Bars

"Have a break, have a Kit Kat"

Kit Kat Bar-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 22, 2017

Nestle Kit Ka Chocolate Bars

"Have a break, have a Kit Kat"! So go ahead and get snappy this summer, with a Kit Kat Chocolate Bar! With it's light and crispy wafers that are coated in a smooth milk chocolate, Kit Kat Chocolate Bars are a light and refreshing snack, just perfect for June! They are not at all heavy, and the fingers of four that you are meant to break apart, just don't seem enough some times. Even though Kit Kat highly recommends sharing, I doubt that most of us do, they are just gone so darn fast! The snap sound of breaking a Kit Kat chocolate bar apart, even sounds delicious!

Old Fashioned Candy Bar from 1935

Kit Kat Old Fashioned Candy

Kit Kat Chocolate Bars were first introduced in 1935 By Rowntrees and are currently made by Nestle in Canada. They quickly became a highly sought after Chocolate Bar. Besides Kit Kat's most current slogans, they also had some older ones like "the biggest little meal" and also "the best companion to a cup of tea". What ever the slogan, Kit Kat's are always a reliable source of sweetness and satisfaction! 

Kit Kat is a huge brand in Japan

Japanese Kit Kat Chocolate Bars-National Candy Month

Kit Kat has also recently became a huge brand in Japan. They have released over 300 different variations of the bar. Some weird and wacky flavours include: Azuki Bean, Grilled Potato, Cherry Blossom, Edamame Soybean, Hojicha Roasted Tea, Wasabi... just to name a few. I think I would probably shy away from these flavours. Call me boring but I love the original old fashion Kit Kat!

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