Haribo Gold-Bears are Un-Bear-ably Delicious

Haribo Gold-Bears are Un-Bear-ably Delicious

Haribo Gold-Bears:Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 19, 2017

Haribo Gold Bear Gummi Candy

This candy is really "unbearably" yummy! Haribo Gold-Bears are the original gummy bear, and a number one seller! Tasty, fruity flavors for summer: Lemon, Pineapple, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry. A fruity, refreshing taste for National Candy Month!

Gummy Bears were born in 1922

Haribo Candy made the very first gummy bear in 1922! These gummy bears are a very old fashion candy, that to this very day are loved all over the world! Haribo first started in Germany in 1920.

Haribo Candy has become an International Brand

It began it's international expansion in 1960 and entered the international market. Haribo operates 15 factories, and makes over 100 million gummy bears a day! Wow, that's a lot of bears!!! Haribo is so popular that it could not keep up to the demands of the US market. It just announced this past Spring that it will be opening a new, huge 500,000 square foot factory in 2020 in Wisconsin. This factory will employ between 400-500 people. Haribo has also said that in the near future it will be expanding it's production to Brazil and China.

The Happy World of Haribo Candy

Haribo Gold-Bears, of course, come from a German slogan. Translated it means "Haribo makes children happy-and adults too", a very agreeable slogan! These "beary" gems certainly are loved all over the world. It's a testament to the Haribo brand, the quality and the delight of just how delicious their candy is.They call it the "Happy World of Haribo" and it certainly is when you taste the quality of Haribo Gold-Bears.

How about you, can you "bear' their deliciousness?

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