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Ganong-A Sweet Canadian Treasure

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Innovation Keeps Ganong Sweet

Ganong A Sweet Canadian Treasure-Candy District CandyBlog

This sweet Canadian story all started in 1873, when brothers James and Gilbert Ganong decided to open a small grocery store in St. Stephen's, New Brunswick. At the very start of their venture, selling candy was not planned on as being a big part of their business. It was their thought that candy would be just a small portion of the store. The Ganong Brothers decided that they should specialize in one product, and that this would give them an edge on their competition.Something that they could be well known for. So they started out with the idea of creating their very own brand of soap. Their soap, while I'm sure was great, did not prove to be a success. It wasn't until the Ganong brothers decided to focus on candy that they came into very big and delicious success!

 Ganong Chocolate Candy District CandyBlog

Candy is what made Ganong such a distinguishable and well loved Canadian company!
James and Gilbert Ganong truly changed the company with their sweet idea of introducing candy, and to this day in every vat of candy there still lives their sweet brotherly love, and the magical transformation of sugar to candy!

 Ganong Chocolate-Candy District

Ganong is still located in St. Stephen New Brunswick. It's been feeding us mouthwatering and delectable candy and chocolate for over 140 years! We can give our many thanks to Ganong for giving us the very first chocolate bar! In particular, many thanks to Arthur Ganong. In 1917 he became the president of the company, where he held his position for 40 years. He was most famous for eating at least 2-3 pounds of chocolate everyday! 

Two Sweet Pals created the Pal-O-Mine Bar

Ganong Pal-O-Mine Bar Candy District

Since Arthur was such a chocolate fanatic it was only fitting that he paired up with a man named George Ensor and together with their chocolate loving sweet tooth's they invented the fist ever wrapped chocolate bar, Pal-O-Mine. The year was 1920, and nothing like this existed at the time. It quickly became a huge hit for chocolate lover's everywhere! Talk about a genius idea! The Pal-O-Mine Bar is still widely consumed today, an old fashioned chocolate bar that we won't soon forget. It consists of a rich fudge.coconut and peanut middle, that is then coated in Ganong's finest dark chocolate. Arthur and George made a delicious, and most epic collaboration!

Ganong gave us the first Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Ganong Chocolates-Candy District

Ganong was also the very first company to give us chocolates in heart shaped boxes. A classic and romantic gift we all love. When first introduced in the 1930's, these heart shaped chocolate boxes were formed and decorated by hand at the St. Stephen location.
Also, Ganong was the very first Canadian company to make lollipops by using the wooden skewers of a butcher. Now that's clever!

Ganong Chicken Bones are a Canadian Christmas Tradition

Ganong Chicken Bones-Old Fashioned Candy

Another very famous Canadian candy is also thanks to Ganong, Chicken BonesChicken Bones were invented in 1885, by a Ganong candy maker Frank Sparhak. These glossy, hot pink candies are not only beautiful to look at but they are certainly unique and tasty! The outside is a spicy cinnamon flavored candy that is filled with a soft bittersweet chocolate. This seems like an odd pairing at first, but when you taste them you'll have
nothing but thanks and love for Frank and his genius combination! Chicken Bones are a very well loved old fashion candy in Canada Chicken Bones are highly sought after, especially at Christmas. Without a dish of these Chicken Bones, our Canadian Christmas gatherings would not be the same!

View this sweet video on How Chicken Bones Candy is Made

Roman Nougat are an Old Fashioned Candy

Ganong Roman Nougat-Candy District Online Candy Warehouse

Another old fashioned candy favorite from Ganong is the Roman Nougat. This candy bar is unlike other candy bars as there is no chocolate involved, but it is not missed I promise. With it's soft and chewy nougat that surrounds sweet little bits of fruit flavored jellies, the Roman Nougat is a must try!

Delectable Delecto Chocolate from Ganong

Ganong Delecto Chocolates-Candy District Online Candy Warehouse

We also must mention their exclusive box of chocolates, Delecto, the perfect name as they are delectable! These chocolates come in many flavors, each just as delicious as the next. A perfect gift for anytime of the year. 

Legendary Ganong Red Wrap Chocolates

Ganong Red Wrap Chocolates-Candy District Online Candy Warehouse
Another famous box of chocolates, are The Ganong Red Wrap Chocolates. Ganong introduced these chocolates in the early 1930's, and they are still a favorite to this day! These are a very special box of chocolates, they are considered Ganong's Best! The Red Wrap chocolates include a mixture of soft and hard centered chocolates. They are a fantastic tasting, exquisite box of chocolates! The Red Wrap Chocolates are a staple for many Canadian households, especially during the holiday season. Christmas would just not be as sweet without a box of these to share! They are a sweet Canadian, delicious tradition.

More delicious Goodies from Ganong

The list of chocolate and candies from Ganong goes on! Some of their other must try treats include: Fruitfill Jelly Candies, Sunkist Fruit Snacks and Ganong's extensive bag line which includes old fashioned candies like Spearmint Leaves, Licorice Babies, AB Gums, Ju Jubes, Wintergreen Lozenges, and so much more!

Get all your Ganong Candy here

The Chocolate Museum in St.Stephen New Brunswick

Ganong Chocolate Museum-Candy District

Ganong has such a long and sweet Canadian history, which is all on display at their very own Chocolate Museum. This Museum was opened in 1999, and is housed in the original old factory in St.Stephen New Brunswick. The exhibits introduce us to the Ganong Brothers  and also lets you have a hands on experience at the process of making chocolate and candies. Ganong invites it's visitors to taste the chocolate samples! Sounds like a mouthwatering excursion, a trip we should all take, and taste!

Chocolate Fest is Aug 5 to August 12

Chocolate Fest St.Stephen New Brunswick-Ganong-Candy District Online Candy Store Canada

A big thanks to Ganong's Chocolate Museum! They are the co-hosts of the St.Stephen Chocolate Fest. The festival started in 1983 and is a popular tourist destination. It's held every summer and attracts visitors worldwide! Save the date for this year's Chocolate Fest! It begins on August 5 and runs until August 12, 2017. The Chocolate Fest lets you truly indulge in all things chocolate. What could be better?

Special Delecto Hooked Rug Gallery Exhibit

Delecto Hooked Rug Gallery Exhibit-Chocolate Fest 2017-Candy District
This year's Chocolate Fest 2017 also offers us something a little more unique, but of course it's still based on chocolate! Chocolate Fest 2017, will give us some "eye candy" in the form of hooked rugs. These rugs are an exclusive exhibit of beautiful, handmade hooked rugs. The rugs are all inspired by the designs on boxed chocolates, and advertisements from the Ganong archives. The Delecto Hooked Rug Gallery exhibit is a celebration of 100 years of Delecto Chocolates.
The Delecto Hooked Rug Gallery Exhibit will take place on Aug.4,2017 from 6-8 pm at the Garcelon Civic Center, St.Stephen, NB. Tickets are $25.00, and can be purchased at

St. Stephen New Brunswick is Canada's Chocolate Town

Canada's Chocolate Town-St. Stephen New Brunswick-Candy District

Since 2000, the town of St.Stephen New Brunswick has actually been registered as "Canada's Chocolate Town". It's the perfect fit, this definitely sounds like my kind of town!!!

One Chocolate Drive

Ganong Chocolate Factory-Candy District

Ganong is still run today by the family's fourth generation, and St. Stephen's New Brunswick is still home to the head office and manufacturing facility. The address is One Chocolate Drive. Sounds like a very sweet destination! 
See all you Sweeties at Chocolate Fest 2017!

Check out this Ganong Canadian Chocolate Heritage Video


Leslie Fillmore
Leslie Fillmore

I live in Nova Scotia Greenwood. I have been looking for a box of Red Wrap chocolates every where. None to be found. Places that use to carry them no longer have them. I have found smaller boxes of Delecto, but it’s not what I wanted. Can you tell me where I can find someone who sells Red Wrap.

Phyllis Godsoe
Phyllis Godsoe

The best candy ANYWHERE is Ganong’s Roman Nougat. Sometimes, it’s hard to find, but when I do, I buy several!! My uncle, Edwin (the late G.E. Graham who served on your board) introduced it to me when I was a kid. It is still my most favourite candy. Thanks, Ganong,

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