Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pop Retro Candy

Everybody Needs A Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month-June 16, 2017

Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pop Retro Candy

What could be sweeter then a caramel lollipop on a sweet summer day? I would have to say, a Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop, that's what. Imagine reclining comfortably on your favorite patio chair, or lazily lounging on a lounger at the pool. Perhaps your  relaxing on your breezy porch in a swing. What ever way you imagine eating them, Sugar Daddy's are an old fashion candy treat that are still popular to this day!

Sugar Daddy Pops are an Old Fashioned Candy

Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop once went by the name of "Papa Suckers". The name was changed in 1932 when they officially became known as Sugar Daddy. These retro candy caramel lollipops were invented by a chocolate salesman named Robert Welch, whose younger brother just happened to be James O Welch, of the James O Welch Company. James helped his brother Robert to make Sugar Daddy Lollipops a success.

Sugar Babies Caramel Candies were born a few years later

Sugar Babies Caramel Candies Retro Candy

A few years after Sugar Daddy's hit the market, they came out with Sugar Babies that are soft, bite sized milk caramel candies. Sort of like jelly beans. There was at one time even a lollipop called the Sugar Mama, which was a caramel sucker coated in milk chocolate. Sadly these only lasted from 1965-1980. Please bring our Mamma back!
Sugar Daddy's are now made by Tootsie Roll Industries. They also come in the extra large size for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Savour a Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop on a hot Summer day

Sugar Daddy's are an excellent choice of an old fashion candy. They are utterly dreamy with their smooth and creamy rich milk caramel flavor. Not to mention the Sugar Daddy is a very long lasting lollipop. And as all caramel and candy lovers know, they are meant to be savored slowly, like a sweet, lazy summer day!

Get your Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop here 

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