BB Bats Taffy Suckers Old Fashioned Candy

Drift Back in Time with BB Bats

 BB Bats Taffy Suckers-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 25, 2017

BB Bats Taffy Suckers Old Fashioned Candy

A childhood memory, a sweet bite of nostalgia on a stick, BB Bats are an essential old fashion candy for any candy lover! BB Bats were first introduced in 1924, in Johnson City, NY and are currently being made by the Runk Candy Company in Cincinnati Ohio. These Taffy Suckers come in all the best flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana.

Fall in Love Again with BB Bats Taffy Suckers

Let yourself fall in love all over again with these delicious BB Bats. Also take pride in introducing them to the younger generation. Share with them your stories of the good old days gone by while indulging in this delightful old fashion candy!

Why are they called BB Bats?

Many people have wondered why they are called BB Bats, and I must confess upon hours of research I could not find any real explanation as to why these go by the name of BB Bats. My only conclusion is that perhaps they were enjoyed during all those fun Summer Baseball games, while you watched your friends play, or sat watching the game while enjoying your BB Bat. To say they were made to resemble a baseball bat, would be a far stretch, other then the fact that they are on a stick.

What ever the reason, we'll just have to ponder this question while eating copious amounts of this old fashion candy, BB Bats!

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