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Cow Tales are a Sweet Story

Cow Tales-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 10, 2017

Cow Tales Caramel Candy-National Candy Month

Cow Tales and Summer fairy tales, what could be more fitting for National Candy Month? 

Cow Tales are a Retro Candy

Cow Tales are made by the Goetze Candy Company. They were launched in 1984. Some say they are supposed to be an elongated form of Goetze's Caramel Creams. Cow Tales are like a chewy caramel tasting sort of soft licorice, filled with a sweet, creamy filling. They are a light candy, that  are not overly sweet. The Cow Tales texture is soft and bendable.

Vanilla Cow Tales are the most popular

The Goetze Candy Company has experimented with different Cow Tale flavours over the years, such as peanut butter and banana, however these flavours were not well received, so the makers of Cow Tales decided to stick with the original Cow Tale flavours, which include Vanilla,Chocolate, Strawberry and Caramel Apple. The Vanilla are the most popular choice of flavours in Cow Tales.

Cow Tales are easy to eat!

Cow Tales are like a cousin to the usual caramel, they are not heavy or sticky. They are dusted with a very light coating of corn starch on the outside. This also is a benefit to the usual caramel type of candies getting stuck in between your teeth. You can easily bite into Cow Tales and chew them with ease, maybe too easily! Cow Tales are a light snack. Try all the flavours. You just can't go wrong,  a retro candy that's fit for Summer time fun!

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