Charleston Chew is Something to Dance About

Charleston Chew is Something to Dance About

Charleston Chew-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month: June 11, 2017

Charleston Chew Candy Bars-National Candy

Let's celebrate the roaring 20's, when the flappers danced the Charleston dance, and the feathers and fringe were flowing everywhere! You guessed it! We've chosen an old fashioned candy, one for the ages, The Charleston Chew!

Charleston Chew Bars were created by 2 cool dudes!

Charleston Chew's were first made in 1925, and the company who made them was called the Fox-Cross Candy Company. The Charleston Chew was really named after the" Charleston", which was a very popular dance craze in the 1920's. The Fox- Cross Candy Company was founded by two stage actors, Donley Cross and Charlie Fox. Their names just sound cool, the company name too. No wonder the Charleston Chew is so delicious.The Charleston Chew is now made by Tootsie Roll. They acquired the company in 1993.

Charleston Chew are an Old Fashioned Candy

The Charleston Chew is an old fashion candy bar made with a delightful, full flavoured nougat, that is then coated in a chocolate coating. The bar comes in Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry flavour. They are such a cool, classic candy that is most definitely a must try! You may even be inspired to do the Charleston dance, but if not eating it will suffice!

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