Canadian Candy Showdown

Canadian Candy Showdown!

American Verses Canadian Candy

Fortunately, there are always a variety of candy choices to make in the sweet world of candy. However, there are some candies that just seem all too similar. It's almost as if they're trying to be twins! 

We've made this yummy candy discovery between Canadian Candy and American Candy. 
Luckily for you, we've done our delicious due diligence! We just had to taste these sweet treats in order to determine which ones come out on top!
Here are some of our candy comparisons...

Crispy Crunch vs.Butterfinger

The Crispy Crunch Canadian candy bar is so similar to the American candy bar, Butterfinger. They really are like first cousins! Each candy bar has a crunchy tasting sort of flaky peanut butter middle which is covered in a milk chocolate coating.
We found that the Crispy Crunch candy bar had more of a crisp bite to it, and the Butterfinger was just a little gentler of a bite, although thicker. Both taste very similar but the Crispy Crunch has both sweet and salty notes in the peanut butter confection while the Butterfinger seemed all-around sweeter. 
The Crispy Crunch Candy Bar has been around since 1912, the Butterfinger Candy Bar came out in 1923. So we can honestly say our Canadian Candy Bar was the first! 
We found both of these old fashioned candy bars to be delicious, but perhaps we did prefer our Canadain Crispy Crunch just a tad more! 

Maltesers vs. Whoppers

Both are crispy and light chocolate-covered balls of pure sweetness, but which one pleased our discriminating candy-loving palates more? 
Our Canadian Maltesers or the American Whoppers? Our Canadian Candy, Maltesers were first sold in 1937, and the American Candy Whoppers arrived in 1939. 
We found that the Whoppers didn't have as thick of a chocolate covered coating and the inside seemed to be firmer in texture. Whoppers have a matt looking finish while the Maltesers were more glossy looking. 
The Maltesers were larger in size and seemed to have a denser chocolate coating, and more of a crunchy, airy texture. Both of these old fashioned candies had that same sort of light honeycomb, malted milk taste. 
These classic candy gems seem to be more alike than different. Although this was a tough choice, we decided that Maltesers and Whoppers are tied! We thoroughly enjoyed having to eat both of them! 

Smarties vs. Smarties

In this case our Canadian candy, Smarties are vastly different then the American version of Smarties Candy. Could there even be a dispute on which Smarties are better? This is like comparing apples to oranges, but here we go anyways!
Our Canadian Smarties are round, brightly coloured candy-coated shells with milk chocolate inside. Smarties Candy has a slight crunch and a creamy middle, and of course, we eat the red ones last! Always a delicious retro candy that makes for a tasty afternoon pick me up!
American Smarties include no chocolate! These candies are a tablet-like candy that comes in a roll. These Smarties come in hues of pretty pastel colours like, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. Each colour has a slightly different taste. These American candies are crunchy, some might say tangy and sweet. These candies are what we call "Rockets" here in Canada.
Which is better?  Well according to our tastebuds, the Canadian Candy Smarties wins! 

Heath vs. Skor

These two candy bars are very close in the main idea of what the bar consists of and they do visually appear similar, but upon the sweet consumption of these two Candy Bars, there are notable differences. 
The Heath Candy Bar is an American classic! Coming out in 1928, made with a crunchy middle of English Toffee that is covered in Hersheys Milk Chocolate. This American Candy Bar has a sweet, nut-like taste, and is also used to crush up and put on top of ice cream or desserts for a yummy finishing touch! It is a delectable tasting treat!
Our Canadian Candy Bar, the Skor Bar is also filled with a thin slab of crunchy toffee and coated with a layer of delicious milk chocolate. This Canadian Candy Bar seems to have more of a buttery taste to it along with a nutty flavour as well. In the Skor Candy Bar, you have both a sweet and mild salty taste which only adds to the depth of flavour. Coming out in 1981, we Canadians have loved this retro candy bar for decades! The Skor Candy Bar can also be used crushed up to use as a  topping for cakes, cupcakes and ice cream. 
This is a close call! The American Candy Bar is just as delicious as the Canadian Candy Bar. This is a tough one, even for Candy Boss! 
After many delicious and crunchy bites, we have to say the American Heath Candy Bar wins this one! 

Rasinettes vs. Glossettes

We're sure that these two candies are long lost, cousins! The American Candy, Raisinettes and our Canadian Candy Glosettes both consist of real raisins that are covered in delicious milk chocolate! 
Opening the boxes they both look almost identical, the only difference is the shine factor, the Glosettes actually look glossy and the Rasinettes look more matte. Both appear to be the same size which is a mix of some smaller raisins and some larger ones.
Tasting the Glosettes Raisins Candy we noticed that the taste of the raisins was still apparent through the chocolate coating. They were chewy and both the raisins and chocolate tasted amazing! Glosettes raisins really are a great tasting Canadian candy! 
The Rasinettes were a little more firm and the chocolate and the raisins were a tangy tasting. The texture wasn't as chewy as the Glosettes and overall this American Candy just didn't seem to impress us as the Glosettes Raisins did!
For this sweet showdown, we just have to choose our classic Canadian candy, Glosettes!

Milky Way vs. Mars

We must admit, both of these Candy Bars are out of this world delicious! They are very close in appearance and also taste, but which one wins? 
Candy Boss and I first start with the American Candy Bar, Milky Way. This is a thick and dense bar. Inside is a layer of yummy caramel and fluffy nougat, that is covered in a layer of milk chocolate. The ratio of caramel and nougat was great, the caramel is on the thicker side so you could actually taste it. The chocolate is a firm layer that did crumble a little at each bite. 
The Milky Way Candy bar is an old fashioned American bar that came out in 1923. It has proven itself to be a delicious tasting candy bar with lots of textures, it certainly does hit the sweet spot!
Moving on to our Canadian Candy Bar, The Mars Bar. This candy bar made it's way to Canada from the UK in 1940 and remains a top-selling Canadain candy Bar choice. This bar also has caramel and nougat filling with a milk chocolate coating. It's about the same size as the Milky Way and they look very similar. The layer of milk chocolate does have a better taste than the Milky Way, and the caramel really does spill out on your lips like a silky, golden strand of ribbon! The nougat is very light, and fluffy with a nice and airy consistency when compared to the American Candy Bar. Our Canadian Mars Bar is just as delectable as ever! It really is a light-textured bar, and very satisfying in its flavours!
In this candy case, we crown the Mars Bar the winner! 
While the Milky Way Bar is a great tasting bar, it just doesn't seem to have that same quality or texture as the Mars Candy Bar does. The Mars Candy Bar really nails each element perfectly, it's light, satisfying and irresistible! Our Canadian Mars Candy Bar is the clear winner here!

All the Candy was good!

All of these Candies were a close call! Each has its own sweet lure, after all, this was based on our Canadian Candy tastebuds! It does seem that in our Candy Showdown our Canadian candies came out victorious! Don't get us wrong though, we love all candy! Let us know what you think, do you agree or disagree? 
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