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Allan Big Foot: Candy of the Day

National Candy Month-June 7, 2017

Allan Big Foot Candy-National Candy Month 2017-Candy of the Day

Forget the sightings of this hairy, scary creature, we just want the candy! You know Allan Big Foot! This red and chewy candy may be small, well except for the big toe. It's of epic and delicious proportions! Allan Big Foot chewy candy is an ideal candy for Summer. We just had to have in our list for National Candy Month! Great for that afternoon pick me up, after you've spent hours in the pool, or had a long, relaxing ride on your bike. It's also a wonderful addition for your family picnic dessert table. That bright red colour is sure to catch the eyes of many hungry guests!

Allan Candy is an Old Fashioned Candy Company

The Allan Candy Company was founded in 1931, in Hamilton Ontario. The company is of course named after it's founder, Allan Vertlieb. He started out making homemade lollipops in his very own kitchen and then selling them from his home. The Allan Candy Company surely grew, as the Allan Candy Company is a leading North American manufacturer of many classic, well-loved Canadian Candy confections. Most famous for its yummy chocolate Easter bunnies and it's old fashion, classic candy canes.

Big Foot is a Canadian Candy Favourite!

But our favourite is the Big Foot, a chewy candy that takes you back in time when the perfect Summer day always included a trip to the corner store, lots of candy, and brown paper bags. Take a Summer stroll again down memory lane, with  Allan Big Foot Candy!

Candy District will be posting about an iconic candy a day during National Candy Month.

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