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National Candy Month: June 15, 2017

Big League Chew Bubble Gum

Summer would just not be complete without bubble gum and baseball! You will definitely need a pouch filled with Big League Chew Bubble Gum to get you through!

Big League Chew is a sweeter alternative

Big League Chew is an old fashioned shredded bubble gum. It's meant to resemble chewing tobacco and offer a healthier and sweeter alternative. We know how yucky tobacco is! Bubble Gum is where it's at! Most known for it's smooth and sweet texture and taste, Big League Chew is also perfect for blowing those "home run" sized bubbles. It even comes in a foldable pouch so you can save some bubble gum for later. Or share it with your friends and see who can blow the biggest, most gigantic bubbles! You'll win every time with this retro gum.

Big League Chew was thought of in a bullpen

In May 1980, pitcher Rob Nelson and former NY Yankee,all star player Jim Bouton had a sweet idea! Rob and Jim thought a pouch of bubble gum would be so much better then a pouch of tobacco. They were right! The two of them went on to "pitch" the idea to Wrigley's. The idea proved to be a winner! Big League Chew became wildly popular among baseball players and fans. But rest assured you don't have to be either to enjoy the fun and flavors of Big League Chew! This bubble gum comes in five tasty flavors, Curve Ball Cotton Candy, Wild Pitch Watermelon, Ground Ball Grape, Swingin' Sour Apple and of course, Otta Here Original.

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Big League Chew now has a multi year co-branding deal with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Soon these two iconic brands will be cross promoted and we'll see the Hall of Fame logo on Big League Chew pouches. Seems fitting.

"You're in the big leagues when your into Big League Chew!" Or you're just into some seriously delicious and awesome tasting Retro Bubble Gum!

Get your Big League Chew Bubble Gum here!

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