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Atomic Fireball Candy Because Some Like It Hot

Atomic Fireball-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month : June 13, 2017

Atomic Fireball Retro Candy

We know you're already hot and bothered, after all it is Summer! But if you want to add some spicy, bold excitement to your hot Summer days, we've got just the retro candy for you! Atomic Fireball! Atomic Fireball candies start off as an intense, hot and spicy cinnamon flavored candy, then pleasantly change into pure sweetness.

 Atomic Fireball are a Spicy Old Fashioned Candy

This old fashioned candy came out in 1954, thought of by a none other then a spicy Italian! Made by Nello Ferrara who is the son of the founder of Ferrara Pan. Salvatore Ferrara, the founder of The Ferrara Candy Company, came to New York from Italy in the year 1900. The Ferrara family had long been bakers back home in Italy. Salvatore decided to open his own bakery in the heart of Little Italy, in Chicago. Although he owned a bakery, he became most famous for "confetti" which are a candy coated almond and are a must have at any Italian wedding! But Salvatore soon realized his candy had become much more popular then his baking. He decided to partner with his two brother in laws, one with the same name as him Salvatore Buffardi and Anello Pagano.They built a two storey building that would in essence become a candy factory! Salvatore, Salvatore and Anello began to produce a wide variety of panned candy. Panned candy is made by coating the candy with a hard shell on the outside while controlling the crystallization of the sugar. Each piece of candy starts with a single grain of sugar. Some panned candy has as many as 200 layers on the outside, and can take up to two weeks to make! Every single Atomic Fireball candy has taken hours and hours to produce! Nello Ferrara must have been inspired to make Atomic Fireball candy by his Italian heritage and the passion of his father!

Atomic Fireball Candy is loved around the world

The Ferrara Candy Company has it's headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, but spreads the love all over the world with their Atomic Fireballs! An old fashion candy that has stood the test of time because some of us are bold, intense and spicy, and some of us just like it hot!

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