Are All Cadbury Bars Created Equally?

Are All Cadbury Bars Created Equally?

Who Makes the Best Cadbury Bars?

No matter where you are in the world, one would imagine that just a glance at a shiny Cadbury Chocolate wrapper would seem to induce a sweet and velvety memory of rich, delicious and unrivalled chocolate. Except, upon tasting an American Cadbury Bar we noticed that it tasted vastly different than ours.
Americans must wonder why their Cadbury Chocolate Bars just don't seem to taste as exquisitely dreamy as our Canadain Cadbury Bars. We just had to figure this one out, are Cadbury Chocolate bars not created equally? 
According to Chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs, Americans get the short end of the stick when it comes to Cadbury Chocolate. But don't worry, we're here to help rescue any Cadbury craving!

Hershey's acquires Cadbury Brand in the USA 

It all began in 1988 when the Hershey Company acquired a license to sell and also make Cadbury products in the USA. This means that Hershey's idea of what chocolate is can be sold as Cadbury. This includes a large variety of what we know and love in Canada as Cadbury products like, Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars, Creme Eggs and even the Mini Eggs. But there's a very big difference in the flavour and some might say the quality.
While the exact difference may not be tasted by an American born Chocolate eater, it would seem to be very apparent for us here in Canada and also of course in its birthplace, the UK.

Hershey's is America's Leading Chocolate Manufacturer

Most Americans do seem to have a special liking to Hershey chocolate, and who can blame them. I'm sure it tastes of those divine childhood chocolate memories. Filled with sweet Hershey's Kisses and bright orange packages of peanut butter cups. The popularity of Hershey Chocolate seems to be unmatched. It is America's leading chocolate manufacturer and has been since 1894. With $7.4 billion annually in sales worldwide, Hershey's ain't going anywhere! I'm sure, it's what an Americanized chocolate dream tastes like to many.
Having said that, there are many American chocolate bars that I could
never imagine having to do without. The thought of a life without any Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joy, or those sweet and lovely morsels
of Hershey's kisses- I would be devastated! Really.

Chocolate made with mainly milk vs. sugar

The US version of Cadbury is made in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. Many chocolate lovers and hardcore UK Cadbury lovers claim that the American version of Cadbury just doesn't seem to make the chocolate cut. Finding it much sweeter than the original British version, grainier and darker in colour. This makes sense because the first ingredient in British Cadbury milk chocolate is milk, in an American Cadbury milk chocolate, it's sugar.

Original Cadbury Bars are banned in the USA

It's also very interesting to note that in 2015 Hershey's actually took legal action banning US imports from Cadbury from entering the country. Americans can only buy American made Cadbury products! Is that really any consolation? What is a real Cadbury fanatic to do?

Does Canada make the best Cadbury Bars?

Here in Canada, our Cadbury Chocolate will definitely fill in the tasteful and delicious gaps. Cadbury chocolate is made right here in Ontario, at 277 Gladstone Ave. Toronto. This factory truly is the epitome of what chocolate should taste like! This is no sugar-induced dream, my friends,  it's real unadulterated, delectable chocolate!

We have sweet proof.

Our friends at Canadian Living once visited this spectacular place, the proof is in the pudding! (or chocolate in this case!) Our Cadbury Chocolate does win! 
Because of our kindness, manners and generosity as Canadians, we don't mind sharing with you at all. We want you to taste the real and authentic flavour of what Cadbury Chocolate is really all about. 

Which Country Makes your Favourite Cadbury Bars

What do you think? Can you taste a difference, or do you find them similar?

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