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Add Sweet Bling with Ring Pop

Ring Pop-Candy of the Day

National Candy Month-June 27, 2017

Ring Pop-Nostalgic Candy-Candy District

Nostalgic Candy Since 1979

Make a cute and sweet summer fashion statement with a delicious Ring Pop! A wearable, retro candy for any one who really knows how to accessorize! Ring Pop first came out in 1979 and we've been eating them, enjoying them and wearing them ever since! 

Ring Pop was invented by a Sweet Candy Engineer

Ring Pop were invented by an engineer who worked for Topps, Frank Richards. Mr. Richards daughter had a terrible habit of sucking her thumb. He was determined to make her stop and tried many things before he came up with the sweet, brilliant idea of candy on a ring, Ring Pop! His idea worked,and his daughter apparently stopped sucking on her thumb. Frank probably saved a lot of money on braces! In any case the world loved his interesting, tasty candy!

Add Bling or Pop the Question with a Ring Pop

Ring Pop Lollipops-Retro Candy

"Pop" any summer outfit, or "Pop" the sweet question, with this candy jewel! Ring Pop are a popular retro candy to this day, they certainly are one of a kind, and have sweetly adorned many hands!

Ring Pop come in many Sweet Flavours!

Ring Pop Lollipop Nostalgic Candy

Ring Pop come in an assortment of yummy, fruity flavours: Watermelon, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Apple, Strawberry - Watermelon and Cherry!  Which flavor will you wear?

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