McCraws Old Fashioned Flat Taffy National Candy Month

A Century of McCraw's Taffy

McCraw's Flat Taffy: Candy of the Day

National Candy Month - June 3, 2017

McCraws Old Fashioned Taffy National Candy Month 2017

McCraw's Flat Taffy is an Old Fashioned Candy

If happy were a taste, it would be McCraws Flat Taffy! Sure to bring back the sweet nostalgia of childhood memories. The recipe for this taffy has not changed since the very day it was created in 1908. In a hot Texas kitchen, with only 50 cents worth of sugar, two sisters, Dee and Sarah McCraw, created this old fashion candy. McCraw's Old Fashioned Flat Taffy has been around for over 100 years, and the recipe still remains the same. Besides the original taste we remember, which is vanilla. McCraw's Flat Taffy comes in an even bigger variety then when we were kids. The new renditions of this taffy now come in Cotton Candy,Blue Raspberry, Rainbow, Banana and Grape. They are all equally delicious with their pretty, pastel summer colours!

Sweet Summertime Candy

McCraw's Flat Taffy is most definitely a candy we all love to remember, probably near the top of the list when it comes to your candy favorites.Thanks to the McCraw sisters and 50 cents worth of sugar, this flat taffy is incredibly, super chewy and exceptionally delicious! You'll want to try them all! Make your summer sweet, with this old fashion treat!
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