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The Sweet Power of Candy

We All Love Candy!

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Some of us keep secret stashes, and special drawers devoted to it. Some are closet candy eaters, while others have no shame. We are all too often made to feel guilt about it, we are constantly bombarded about all the negative implications of sugar and candy. How about some good news about indulging in candy!

 People who eat candy live longer than those who don't! 

 A study from the Harvard School of Public Health, that spanned over multi decades, showed that a person who consumes candy modestly(one to three times a month) have the greatest benefits compared to those that never ate any candy. This benefit could not be explained by other factors such as age, smoking. exercise, weight, or alcohol consumption. Perhaps it has to do with that jolt of happiness that comes along with our favorite candy, or all those good memories. Whatever the reason, sounds good to me!

Sugar can help Restore your Willpower

Studies show that having sugar helps people to persevere longer on difficult tasks, also better able to focus and more often is easier for them to delay gratification. This is assuming that candy is not the biggest challenge of your willpower. A few bites of your favorite candy bar, just might help you keep on track!

Go ahead, chew that wad of gum!

Gum is said to improve your mood, reduce stress, increase focus, and block pain. Wow, who knew gum could do so much! Sounds miraculous!
Studies show that the repetitive act of chewing helps to shift the state of your brain in many helpful ways. The areas in your brain related to attention and self control become more active upon chewing gum.While the areas related to stress and pain become much less active.
Chewing gum also increases serotonin levels, this explains why chewing gum often results in an elevated mood. Get chewing!

Consuming Chocolate may Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute analyzed the chocolate habits of 4,970 people, between the ages of 25-93. Those who regularly consumed chocolate had a lower risk of heart disease. Those who consumed chocolate at an even higher rate resulted in even greater protection. Those who ate chocolate 5 or more times a week were 60% less likely to have heart disease. I think that's the greatest news I have ever heard! 

Scientist's are using Cotton Candy to grow Blood Vessels!

Ok, so this is not a DIY project for home, but none the less, very interesting. Researchers at Cornell University are actually using cotton candy to create artificial blood vessels. By melting the sugar fibers into a network of strands with diameters that are similar to capillaries, a liquid is poured over the cotton candy form. Once this liquid solidifies, the whole structure is then placed in warm water which then dissolves the cotton candy inside the forms. They are then left with a perfect mold to introduce the seed cells for new blood vessels and tissue. Cotton Candy really is that amazing!

The sweet power of candy, proven to you in scientific studies!

After all this, I strongly suggest you eat some candy!!!

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